Just a Girl…

On a bike… and everything around me is on fire.


My name is Brandi. I am an attorney. I passed the October 2020 Remote Bar Exam by the grace of whatever god you believe in. I am from SATX, currently. I am originally from West Virginia.

I am a mom to a dyslexic, ninja wonder 7 year old that is the most amazing human on the planet. He is chill. He is reflective. Most times, he’s more calm than me.

I am wife to former Pro-Wrestler Dusty Wolfe/Dale Wolfe. We’ve been together over a decade. He’s now a college professor. I am marriage #5. Wife #4. Wife #1 and #3 were the same.  Somehow it works.

I bought my Echelon Spin bike in June; it arrived sometime in August. IT was LIFE CHANGING.  The pandemic was in full force. The Bar Exam had just changed on me. I was scared, confused, and at my wits end trying to work out, prepare for the exam, and remain a good mom.

The bike brought me peace.


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Tarrant County Mediator

Brandi Spins