Which Bike?

I chose the Echelon Ex-5S after about a month of research.

I researched the “P” word. I researched the new M word.
I read blogs. I read opinions. I watched videos. I also put a lot of thought into what my husband would guilt me the most about. I knew if I brought home a “P” word, and didn’t like it, my husband would never let me live it down. My husband would guilt and razz me so hard…. so I wanted to do something a tiny bit more economical.
I wanted the big screen. I understand that you can use a tablet with the EX-3 and EX-5 and the other sport bikes… however, I wanted that big screen. It was important to me.
I love it. Quite simply, I am addicted. At the time I’m writing this, I am 130 rides in (December 21st, 2020). I ride twice a day most days. The bike is good to me; it makes me feel powerful. More than anything, it’s a dose of mental health for me. I will never trivialize the need for mental health drugs or intervention for people, but this bike, for me, is like therapy and endrophins and happiness all rolled into one.

Echelon Spin Bike

Echelon Ex5s

This bike is a life saver for me. When you’re researching, understand that classes and instructor interaction is important. The Echelon community also has a Facebook page that is highly interactive and GREAT for inspiration. That, alone, is worth the price and the membership. There are so many different instructors that it is easy to find specific instructors that appeal to your own personality. I ride with Nicole Griffin, Dani Dellarco, and Rilde Leon (on his Sunday 75s). Nicole and Dani get me through the week. They make me feel like a badass. They push me. And it’s just PURE therapy.
If you are questioning whether you want a bike or if a bike is even needed….. I suggest you take the plunge. The Echelon bike is one of the greatest fitness decisions I’ve ever made.