Heading LevEchelon Spin Bikeel 4

I bought my Echelon Ex-5s in June. This was at the height of everyone buying Pelotons and Echelons and Myx bikes. I spent about 3 weeks researching what I was going to buy. I spent HOURS on websites trying to compare and decide what I was going to do.

My brain is pretty analytical, and I knew that I did not want my husband reminding me of what a horrible choice this was, every single day…. so I went with the most economical choice while balancing out a few of the bougie features. I chose Echelon.

I ADORE my Echelon Bike. I regret NOTHING. I love having the huge screen.

It didn’t get delivered until the beginning of August, and I started riding immediately. I hit 100 rides at the end of November.

This blog will detail my path to get to where I am at with my spin bike… and be an outlet for me to keep my accountability.

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